Music Can Speak To Us All

Composers try to bring the beauty of music to the world in their vision.  They need to understand sympathy, compassion, anger, and euphoria at the same time, while being able to express it rhythmically, tonally, and dynamically.  This is my passion in life. This is what I do, and I'm currently crossing over into being a music artist, Muzeishen.  I recently moved to the city of Los Angeles to pursue music further.  I have always focused on communicating emotion by sound, and will continue to do so.  Music is my most fluent language.

I produce modern music under the moniker Muzeïshen, pronounced musician.

A compilaiton that speaks volumes

My first, and only release to date is a compilation album of works that I created for film and television, but can also be listened. to.  Stream on Apple Music, Spotify, or purchase from CD Baby.

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